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meggyn's Journal

meg, meggs, meggin, meggyn, meagen
24 February 1978
activism, alix olson, anarchism, ani difranco, architecture, art, art films, astronomy, backpacking, bare feet, bicycling, biking, bitch and animal, blues, bonfires, books, bootlegs, breakfast club, breezes, brownies, burnination, burning man, camenae, camping, celtic music, chai tea, cheese, chicago, cities, community, community dinners, concerts, cooking, corsets, critical mass, dancing, david byrne, diners, eating chocolate, eating ice cream, energy, equality, essential oils, experiences unique and repeated, exuding happiness everyday, fake hair, femininity, feminism, fight club, floating, flying, folk, folk music, friends, fuck aol, fuck microsoft, fuck starbucks, games, global justice, green party, hamell on trial, hammel on trial, herbalism, hiking, honesty, independent film, interior architecture, jack black, jim jarmusch, johnny depp, joss whedon, kevin smith, kissing, laughing, lighting design, lord of the rings, loving, massage, melissa ferrick, michael moore, monty python, movies, muppets, music, neofuturists, noam chomsky, open minds, organic foods and farms, organizing, people, philosophical debates, philosophy, photography, physics, picnics, pilates, poetry, poi, polyamory, portishead, progressives, protests, pulp fiction, radical politics, ralph nader, reading, relaxation, riddles, road trips, rock climbing, rollerskating, rusted root, san francisco, sensuality, set design, sinead o'connor, smooching, smoothies, social responsibility, space ghost, spontaneity, star wars, stars, strong bad, strong women, summer, sunrises/sunsets and everything inbetween, surprises, surrealism, sushi, sustainability, swimming, synchronicity, talking heads, tea, technical directing, theatre, thunderstorms, tomboys, trascending, travel, u2, utah phillips, volunteering, walt witman, world music, yoga